Foteini Makri (b. 1993)

Athens, Greece
Based: The Hague, Netherlands
+31 64 27 56 36 2


2014—2018 Royal Academy of Art, Koninklijke Academie von Beeldende Kunst, KABK, Den Haag, Netherlands

Exhibitions & Events

2018 Graduation Festival, Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, Netherlands
2018 Group Exhibition, Blood, guts & torture, Stichting de Grafische Werkplaats, Den Haag, Netherlands
2017 Group Exhibition, Nokia's Tag Line, Moof, Den Haag, Netherlands
2017 Group Exhibition, Caramelo - "it's in the fucking ocean", The Grey Space in the Middle, Den Haag, Netherlands
2015 Group Exhibition, Anna Moreno: public lecture "performative research", Stroom, Den Haag, Netherlands
2015 Group Exhibition, Otsefinam (manifesto) ...OR How to activate a fanzine, TENT, Rotterdam, NL
2014 Internship - West, Den Haag, Netherlands

Print Publications

2018 BK Informatie, June

Nokia's Tagline, Moof, The Hague 2017
Metal, rust, etched metal, burn, charcoal, scraped floor details
Denial, for the absence of choice
but also for the control
Lie, non hidden
just non mentioned
Avoidance, effortless
Shame, being an inevitable turn
incompatible also for this
relentless doubt
Denial for the non doubtfulness
Domination of anarchy
discipline through submissiveness
non compulsive freedom
suppression of consciousness
zero, denial
ordinary and inattentive
her fury
with no accomplice
logic compensation,
everything becomes zero in front of postponement
or multiply
a need simple and immeasurable
Nothing, an emotion immobilized
non existing willingness
emotion of a necessarily patience
forced or moral
without further conjectures
nothing over powers